Clarity in Abyss (TOKYO)

July 16, 2009

Clarity in Abyss (TOKYO) [ _english , abyss ]

The new work by Kakuya Ohashi and Dancers "Clarity in Abyss"

[Cast and Staff]
Cast: Yukari Kakiuchi, Masazumi Minaki, Natsuko Furutachi, Naoko Maeda, Shiori Tada, Nagako Tomaru, Ayumu Yamada

Choreography: Kakuya Ohashi
Music: Yow Funahashi, fooi (Yow Funahashi + Yoshio Ootani + Teruyuki Ohshima + Yoshiyuki Ichiraku)
Video Direction: Fumio Okazaki, Nao Yoshigai
Lighting: Kiyotoshi Endo
Sound: Norimasa Ushikawa
Stage management: Yoshiko Haraguchi, Atsushi Kuwahara

[Performing Date]
September 22 (Tue), 2009, 19:30 start
September 23 (Wed), 2009, 19:30 start
September 24 (Thu), 2009, 19:30 start
September 25 (Fri), 2009, 19:30 start
September 26 (Sat), 2009, 17:00 start

Doors open 30minuts before the performance.

[Performing Place]
Kichijoji Theater
Address: 1-33-22, Teramoto-cho, Kichijo-ji, Musasino-shi, Tokyo
Access: 5 minutes walk from North Exit of Kichijoji Station on JR Chuo Line and Keio Inogashira Line.
TEL: 0422-22-0911

[Ticket Price]
Ticket A: 20,000yen (advance sale only) is for those who have leeway to make a contribution to the performance.
Ticket B: 4,000yen (advance sale), 4,500yen (at door) is the standard price ticket.
Ticket C: 0yen (advance sale only) is for those who NEED to see the performance but cannot afford to buy a ticket.

*All the seats are free seating.
*The 3 types of tickets do not reflect seat areas or qualities.
*Please be aware that ticket C has a limit in number. We advise you to apply as early as possible.
*Ticket A and C will not be sold on the day of the performance.

Tickets sales start: July 17 (Fri), 2009

Ticket A, B:
Ticket Reservation Form

Ticket C:
Please send the information below with a reply postal card:
Name, Address, E-mail address, Phone number, Date you wish to see the performance, the reason you need to see the performance for free.

Send to:
Tomioka 2-7-9, Yano Building No.5, Room301, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
Kakuya Ohashi and Dancers, Ticket C Reservation.

Send by: September, 10 (acceptable if postmarked by this date)
*The application must be sent by the person who is coming to the performance. Also, please note that is must be one application per person.
*Even before the deadline, we will not accept applications if it comes to the limited number.

Kakuya Ohashi and Dancers
Tel: 03-6905-9264
Fax: 03-6905-9265

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